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252 companies. Over 30 countries. Full range of weapons, military equipment, and defence systems. Manufacturers of tanks, artillery, drones, ammunition, developers of innovative software and owners of unique complex technologies. They all gathered in Kyiv to build the arsenal of the free world. Because freedom must be armed better than tyranny.

Opened by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, The International Defence Industries Forum testified to the global interest in the opportunity to work in Ukraine and with Ukraine in the production of weapons and everything necessary for the real defence of any free nation. The defence industry is one of the key components of the Ukrainian economy’s development. Ukrainian manufacturers signed 20 documents with partner companies at the Forum. Agreements and memoranda. Each such document then becomes a new production or an enhancement of existing cooperation.

These agreements encompass joint production, exchange of technologies, supply of components. Propellant powder production, munitions manufacturing. The training of personnel for Ukrainian defence industry. Separately, and very thoroughly, we are developing the Ukrainian manufacturing of drones, land and naval autonomous systems.

The Defence Industries Alliance, which welcomes manufacturers of weapons and military equipment from different countries worldwide, was officially launched at the Forum.

November 17, 2023:

74 companies
from 20+ countries

had joined the Defence Industries Alliance