Ukraine and Romania signed a Memorandum on cooperation in the defense industry

On October 18, as part of the visit of the government delegation of Romania, Minister of Strategic Industries of Ukraine Oleksandr Kamyshin and Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism of Romania Ștefan-Radu Oprea signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The document addresses the support and expansion of mutual military-technical cooperation between Romania and Ukraine. The signed memorandum demonstrates Romania’s firm support for the Ukrainian defense industry, as specified in the Agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of Romania on military-technical cooperation, signed in Bucharest on September 5, 2020.

The result of this Memorandum will be the strengthening of friendly bilateral relations between Romania and Ukraine, particularly in the defense industry. This mutually beneficial partnership envisages enhancing Ukraine’s defense capabilities and the development of Romania’s defense industry.

“Increasing cooperation with the defense industries of Western countries is one of our priorities. We aim to fully integrate into the NATO security space as a reliable partner, and we are pleased that countries as important to us as Romania support our aspirations,” commented Oleksandr Kamyshin.


“We support the intensification and expansion of the collaboration between our companies from the defense industry and we are sure that by continuing to attract further investments will boost the competitiveness, efficiency and innovation capacity of the technological and industrial base. We stand by Ukraine as a trustworthy partner dedicated to supporting the values of democratic societies and, when the situation will allow it, we are ready to support all the reconstruction efforts that will return the lives of Ukrainian citizens as close to normal as possible.”, Romanian minsiter Ștefan-Radu Oprea added.